studio1webStudio Piantella is a Certified Public Accountants and Statutory Auditors firm with many years of experience in the corporate law, tax rules, trade, financial, real estate and company organization, up to the business consulting for strategic business choices.

Founded in 1972, the Studio Piantella has provided and provides updated and qualified services to a variety of subjects, from medium and small businesses to large corporate groups.

The company, characterized by an approach based on the commitment to transfer to the customer the necessary knowledge and the working methods used, is able to offer customers a wide and interdisciplinary consultancy and to develop operational solutions concerning all the aspects worth of request or however useful to the customer itself.

Over time, the firm has developed its skills in specific areas of economic sector, updating with the modern economy evolution; alongside the traditional economic sectors, it has offered its consultancy and customer assistance activities in the non-profit, cooperatives and the public sector.

Studio Piantella is able to achieve, therefore, the goal of a global business consulting.